Cyprus Folklore Archive and Library

Cyprus Folklore Archive and Library was established in 2002 with a grant from the bi-communal development programme, which is funded by USAID and UNDP through UNOPS. Since 2002, around 5000 books, about 10000 documents and photos and 500 audio-video records of field visits conducted by HASDER members to Turkish Cypriot villages in 1980s are made available to public use and currently all these materials are being trasferred to digital medium.

In addition to the library, the building contains a Computer and Language Center that has been established with the permission of the Ministry of National Education and Culture. The purpose of the aforementioned center is to create income to sustain the archive and library. Last year, around 250 women, men and children have been given courses in the center. The institute provided these courses free of charge for the people of low income and for the staff of SOS (a shelter for orphans).

The computer laboratory of the center has 8 terminals and a server. It also serves as an internet cafe for the residents of the Arabahmet area and for HASDER members when not in use as the Computer Training Center.

Books, photos, documents and audio-video records are being transferred to digital medium in the computer center and then added to the archives using the "Library Soft" software. The program enables online access to the archives which may create an alternative income source in the future but it needs further investment to achieve a world wide connection. The administration is currently working on finding financial sources for this goal.

The ongoing classification and digitalization processes are solely carried out by the part-time workers and volunteering HASDER members and our service quality hasn't reached the aimed level yet.


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