Young Painters in the Sarayönü Square

The activity "Haydi Resim Yapalim" (Let's Paint!) took place yesterday, in the Sarayonu Square at 10.30, as a part of the 15th Children and Stories Fest. The activity which was organized by HASDER Folk Arts Foundation and sponsored by Meric Dairy Products had a high participation.

The theme of the day was "Trafik Kurallarına Uyalım" (Let's Obey the Traffic Regulations") where children painted pictures reflecting their thoughts on this subject. The activity has attracted the attention of the tourists and the media.

Resim çizerken.

Story Telling Competition Finals Today

The Story Telling Competition will be finalized today in Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM) and the event is also sponsored by Meric Dairy Products. There will be 2 categories in which around 30 children will be competing for the first prize. The organization committee of HASDER has invited all the children and their families to the event.

Resim çizerken.


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