The 52nd issue of "Halkbilimi" Periodical is out.

The "Halkbilimi" Periodical which has been published since 1986 by the Folk Arts Foundation has reached the 52nd issue.

Previously, the periodical was planned to contain 32 pages and to have a new issue every 4 months. Due to financial limitations, the periodical has an annual 200-page issue. Next to being the first and only Turkish Cypriot folklore periodical, the periodical is one of the oldest among all the Turkish Cypriot periodicals.

The periodical which is for sale at 10YTL contains articles about the latest folklore symposium, Children and Story Symposium, general Cypriot folklore and social sciences. In addition to the mentioned articles, the periodical comes with a CD containing a compilation about Cypriot Mapping made by Ahmet Erdengiz. The compilation comes in Turkish and English and it is a source for historical maps of Cyprus.

For more information regarding the "Halkbilimi" Periodical, you can use the menu on the left side. For those interested in getting a copy of the periodical, please use the address and phone numbers given below:

Engin Anıl ( 2283146), HASDER Halk Sanatları Enstitüsü (2289020)

email: hasder@hasder.org


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