"Halkbilimi" Periodical

"Halkbilimi" (meaning "Folklore") was first published by the Folk Arts Association as the official periodical of the association and after the association has changed to Folk Arts Foundation, it has been kept alive as the official periodical of the foundation.

"Halkbilimi" is the one and only publication about folklore in Northern Cyprus and it has been published since 1986. Back in 1986, the periodical was planned to be published 4 times annually, each containing 32 pages but currently the format has changed to a 200-page, annual publication due to inadequate financial sources.

The periodical mainly includes research essays about folklore as well as many photos reflecting the old Cypriot lifestyle, notes about Cyprus folk songs and some other contemporary articles regarding the Cyprus folkore. The periodical also has sections for HASDER and other culture and arts associations.

Recently, the articles published till 2003 are listed in a bibliography and are available to public usage.

The bulletins presented in the Folklore Symposiums held by HASDER so far have also been published in various volumes of the periodical.


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