As part of the 21 September International Peace Day celebrations, the Earthdance Nicosia Festival, which is part of the world’s largest synchronized dance and music event for peace, EARTHDANCE, embraced the Cypriot youth with bi-communal music and dance shows on 26 September at 18:30 in Selimiye Square.

The Nicosia stage of the event, which was staged in more than 200 cities in 50 countries, was organised by  HASDER and Peace Players International, and sponsored by  UNDP-ACT.

HASDER Folk Dancing Group, Alice In Flames fire dance show, Cyprus Melodies Association Choir, Druminspired Drummers drum show, Ahu Buçener Dance Group modern dance show, Bi-Communal Choir, Authentica Music Group, the Bi-Communal Folk Dancing Group Dance For Peace, Latino Ola Latin dance group, and young rock bands Version 6 , Whale Pale, Rock Corn, Ironic Salvation and Group MAT took the stage at the event which took place in the square next to Selimiye Mosque, which attests to Nicosia’s rich history. Supported with light and sound effects, the performance brought youngsters from the north and south and they had a great night where they sang and danced together for peace.

The event, which started with UNDP representative Jaco Cilliers’s opening speech, ended at 02:00 with a “Peace Prayer”, which was said simultaneously in 200 cities around the world. In an announcement he made on behalf of the organisation committee, Ali Nebih said that all information, photographs and videos about the performances within the “Earthdance Nicosia” event would be published on the Earthdance Network and shared with hundreds of thousands of people who are committed to peace.


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