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About Us

Son Güncelleme: 23 April 2018

HASDER Folk Arts Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered on 5.6.2001 by the decision number 2/01 of Nicosia Family Court. The founders are the members of the Folk Arts Association which was established in 1977.

Folk Arts Association, established in 1977 as the first folklore organization established by Cypriot Turks, was founded with the objective of researching, spreading and enrichment of Cypriot Folklore in general with special emphasis on Turkish Cypriot Folklore. The association has established branches for realizing studies in conformance with its objectives. The Board of Directors of the association within the framework of the annual plan organizes the activities of these branches.

The entire studies of the association that continues its efforts as of the date of its establishment are being carried out on a voluntary basis.

HASDER, feeling the pride of being the first in the realization and publication of scientific studies in the field of folk dances, has as well assisted in the acquirement and staging of authentic folk dances and stylistic dances (1989). The groups comprising of dancers at all ages are also participating every year in different local and international festivals. Both the costumes and the dances of the groups indicate an authentic and traditional understanding.

HASDER has researched, collected compiled and sataged more than twenty folk dances and folk music (such as “Sarhoş Zeybeği”, “Abdal Zeybeği”, “Karşılamalar”, “Susta”, “Mandra”, “Garutsari-Sürarabacı-“, “Bardak Oyunu”, “Bıçak Oyunu”, “Mendil Oyunu”, “Fistukya”), as a result of the field researches carried out.

HASDER, presenting folk dance melodies and folk music in an “authentic” and “polyphonic” forms, has as well published the musical notes of the dance music melodies in the “Halkbilimi” periodical.

Over hundred field researches realized by HASDER are regarded as the first scientific folklore studies, carried out by the Cypriot Turks in an organized manner (1981). After a two-year research period in the field, the tools and equipment used by the Cypriots during the feudal period were collected and exhibited in the “Quest Folklore Exhibition” (1982).

HASDER has also organized exhibitions such as “Lefkara, Silk-warm-Needle Work, Cypriot Handicraft, Traditional Weaving Exhibition” (1988) and “Sesta (straw tray-wicker tray) Exhibition” (1997).

HASDER has also been active in staging folkloric- traditional plays and sketches such as “Greetings from the Village to the Cities” (1982), “The Witch” (1983), “Circumcision” (1985), “Harvest” (1988). Along with these traditional plays, the epic poem of Fikret Demirağ “From the First Fire in Limnidi Till Today” was also staged (1991)

HASDER, organizing Folklore Symposiums every year since 1983 continuously, has published hundreds of papers presented at these symposiums in four volumes, as Ministry of Education and Culture publications.

“Halkbilimi” the folklore periodical published by HASDER starting from 1986, is the first and only folklore journal published in North Cyprus.

As of 1987 HASDER, by organizing “Children and Folk Tales Competition ” introduced our folk tales that were almost forgotten into the agenda of our community.


ASDER has also organized International Folk Dance Festivals, with the purpose of contributing to the Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Culture. The events organized by the leadership of HASDER were “North Cyprus, 1st International Folk Dance Festival – 1986” (with the contribution of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Northern Cyprus) and “1st and 2nd International Children and Peace Festival – 1995-96” (with the contribution of the Ministry of Education and Culture).

HASDER, having organized the International Folklore Symposium in 1990, has as well participated at the Folk Dance Workshop organized in Germany in 1994 by Goethe Institute. HASDER has also represented North Cyprus both within the country and abroad (Turkey, France, Italy, Denmark, Check Republic, Poland, Romania etc.) at numerous international festivals.

HASDER has also assisted the establishment and development of various culture-art and folk dancing associations like Güsad, Des-Der, Gisad, KSD, Akdoğan Arts Association, Vadili Arts Association, Cis-Der, etc. at the settlement places outside Lefkoşa as of 1981, with the objective of spreading Cypriot folk dances.